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Beyond Scaling Dental Hygiene Student Presentations 

Joffree Bunleang, BSDH, RDH has crafted a presentation for dental hygienists prior to graduating hygiene school. She shares her journey and a few things she wished she would have learned sooner that could have really elevated her career sooner. 

This presentation contains several topics including: 

  • Reg flags there is undiagnosed perio in the clinic. 

  • Verbiage ideas for discussing perio with existing patients. 

  • Tips for speed 

  • Glimpse into production. 

  • How to recommend fluoride to your patients and get a yes from them. 

  • Joffree will share her hygiene journey from the beginning to current time. 

  • The perks of working with a DSO 

This year Hygiene Elevated has gained sponsorship to take this presentation nation wide. 

Dental Hygiene School Presentations

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