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Joffree has been amazing to work with! The hygiene department at Almond Dental runs smooth and is very organized. She has worked with me on communicating professionally with patients on ways to improve their oral health. With her tips and tricks I have found that my patient acceptance rate has increased and I feel more confident offering products to help my patients. Overall, she helped me become a better dental hygienist.

Brittan Kennedy, RDH


Joffree is amazing! She is always making everyone's needs a priority in her life. She cares deeply for her patients, always helps out the team (hygienists and assistants alike) and is motivated to help the doctors shine as bright as the sun. She is always looking for innovative ways to improve everyone's life. When I met Joffree I was unsure of myself as a recent COVID graduate. Joffree was always there to encourage me and support me as a fellow hygienist. She is always available if I have any questions or just need a second opinion. She has been looking out for me even when we're not directly working together. She is an inspiration to me and never makes me feel inadequate with my questions. She is an excellent mentor, clinician and friend. Anything she gets involved in is set to improve and grow with her care and charming smile.

Cherise McAlister, RDH


I have loved working at Almond Dental. As a hygienist I really appreciate our positive and helpful team! I also appreciate all the resources and support I have to do my job well. This includes a large office with an extra hygiene op, the Velscope for thorough cancer screenings, quality scaling & radiographs equipment, and patient products. Most uniquely, our head hygienist runs production numbers for us so we can measure and reach our goals. I have felt supported and valued for the attention and energy I put into my work. It has been awesome! Thanks Almond team.

Cassie Anderson, RDH

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Joffree and Hygiene Elevated. She has turned my busy unorganized hygiene department into a profitable thriving part of my practice. Her energy, creative ideas, systems, and drive will help any practice elevate their hygiene department. My hygiene production nearly doubled. It’s been the best investment I have made in my practice. If you want your hygiene department to thrive you need Hygiene Elevated.

Jeffrey S. Almond, DDS, PC

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